Spiritual Awakening The Difference Between Reiki, And Reiki With Inner Work

The Difference Between Reiki, And Reiki With Inner Work

Many people all over the world are “doing Reiki” today. Most people know that Reiki came from Japan around the 1930s with the founder was Dr Mikio Usui. Now almost 90 years on, Reiki is well know all over the world.

I can only speak from my own experience, and from the 13 years, I’ve spent studying Reiki and personal development, I’ve noticed some interesting things. Firstly, we all know that Reiki has changed since Dr Usui originally taught it. There are many teachers and practitioners all over the world claiming many things about the history “about this about that” or that this is the right or most authentic way.

Dr Usui knews what he taught, and like him, any teacher that teaches Reiki will teach their students from their own level of consciousness.

Reiki has had many other “spiritual practices” added to it. Some teachers have even started their own healing schools and changed the name and made all sorts of changes. Crystals, Angels, spirit guides, mediums/psychic, etc. are just a few of the things that have been added.

Reiki doesn’t need all the added extra bits. This universal energy is “All that is” and beyond, the separating of Reiki into different genres only comes from our human egos. Reiki is pure and perfect as it is. The only difference in people’s experiences of “other types of Reiki” is a product of their imagination. Reiki will always work for your highest good no matter what you name it or how or what YOU think you’re doing.  I’m not saying here that crystals, angels and guides etc. don’t work or exist or have no value in themselves. They do, and I’ve come to see all of it as one energy, one consciousness working in infinite ways through us. But that’s another topic altogether. Hahaha.

I see that people in the spiritual world of awakening and spiritual practice are lost, like those who aren’t and it’s become a fad to do some new age spiritual practice. There are those that love the mystical experiences, that feeling, expanding I know it’s great and uplifting (I was one of them lol). Some people are always searching for the next spiritual experience because then they believe they will have cracked it. Lo and behold, what goes up must come down.

There is no such thing as a Reiki Master. What!!!!

This energy is universal and is part of the “All that is.” It is beyond our human comprehension of it, and people believe they can Master this energy; Wake Up!!!. This energy will Master you if you allow it to and you work in relationship with it. No one can master that energy. Master just means teacher and when someone has completed a Reiki Master course with a Teacher who is conscious (and there aren’t many of those) if one chooses to, the real journey begins which is to master yourself. This is the highest calling.

I have found that traditionally in the UK and the West, that most if not all Reiki courses are taught over two days at the weekend.  I was initially taught this way. Even though it was great and I enjoyed it, 15 years on I’ve come to see Reiki differently.

My experience with Reiki has taught me that people in Reiki are looking for different things, and even though we may profess that we are seeking to heal ourselves and develop the truth is far from it. Initially I learned Reiki to heal myself and as this journey has opened me up for me “personally” it is about becoming more conscious.

A conscious human being is fully awake in every moment. This journey is beyond traditional Reiki teachings as it’s a process of letting go of what you are not. It is not easy and is the road less travelled. There are infinite ways in which this journey can come about if it is meant for you. You already know it. Reiki assists us in our journey of awakening to our true self.

If you are happy with your Reiki practice/s and have everything that you were looking for that’s great. People will always take what they need from Reiki no matter how far they study or whatever way they do it. No way is right or wrong, but they do lead in different directions as the story goes.

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Reiki always gives us what we need, not always what we want.

Training with six different teachers over six years and doing the Reiki Master Course three times, I felt something was missing, but I knew it wasn’t from the Reiki. I just didn’t know what to do about it. Then I met my current teacher who is very conscious in June 2007. Now I know what was I looking for. My journey continues, and my calling is to pass on what has been given to me in Reiki.

If YOU feel that something is missing in your life or that you left your Reiki training in the past and stopped practising, there is a different approach, and that is Reiki with personal development. It could be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading. Please let me have your comments and feel free to share with anyone. Reiki, which is unconditioned love ….. to you. Namaste ? x

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