Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety & Depression 


A tunnel with benches is shown. A depressed man is outlined against the light at the end of the tunnel, his head in his hands as he sits on the furthest bench. The image illustrates the effect of depression

Everyone knows what it feels like to be in a depressed mood with no energy with the looming negative attitude that “I cannot be bothered today kind of feeling.”

Depression is worse than this and even though for most people who experience these feelings from time to time, if that depressed mood does not shift relatively quickly that is when you know something needs to change.

Do you ever feel like you:

  • Feel down in the dumps all the time
  • Feel tired with too much or to little sleep
  • Feel tired with no energy or motivation
  • Experience that internal negative chatter – self talk most of the time
  • Are anxious nervous or on edge
  • Isolate yourself indoors
  • Cry a lot of the time


Do you want the help and support you need to make depression a thing of the past?

  • To wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day with a strong foundation and an innate ability to cope with life’s up and downs.
  • To feel confident again and mentally in a good mood with positive thoughts flowing through your mind.
  • Have the energy and vitality you need to get whatever you need to do and be more able to smile from deep within yourself  and enjoy your family, friends and social life again.
  • To understand yourself more and know your needs and boundaries.

I can help you with all this because:

Having experienced depression myself in the past, and taking the steps that changed my life, I was able to move forward after addressing and healing the underlying issues. 

I know exactly how YOU feel, think and behave when it comes to depression. The thoughts you think as well as the mental images and the internal self-talk you have.  I can help you move forward, right now… from where you are to where you want to be.

I have dedicated my life to understanding this “Depression” and found answers that have worked for myself and the clients I help. The skills and techniques are universal because when, like me, you understand the mental and emotional processes YOU can change your life and move forward.

I can guide YOU to where you want to be.

So that you are feeling & thinking more positively, with Increased energy and motivation. Letting go of the past and moving forward on your journey to reach your full potential.

Does that sound like the solution you want? Right now, would be an excellent time to contact me and begin changing your life. 

Take advantage of your free 30-minute consultation call with no obligation whatsoever. It is a chance to discuss your issue in a safe and relaxed way briefly. I will explain what we can do together and how I and my sessions can help YOU achieve what you want.