Trusting Yourself

A black and white yin and yang symbol is here used to illustrate the balance that can be brought to your life by Marcus Abrahams life coach

When I think of trust and trusting oneself, I can’t help thinking of the times in my life where I didn’t make the right decision and later thought I knew I shouldn’t have done that.

Have you ever not trusted yourself in a situation or circumstance in your life?

Now we all have to learn to trust yourself and as we grow and develop from childhood to adulthood specific experiences positive and negative will impact that.

I want to introduce you to a way of thinking and being in the world where you can get back to the connection and trust of and with your true self.

Now in life, we are conditioned to function in the world from the outside in, which means society is structured to make us believe that the outside world creates our internal experience.

It isn’t true; you only have to think a negative thought while just sat where you are right now, go ahead think something, Now if you did you may have felt specific uncomfortable feelings like sadness, anger, or fear. Guess what nothing happens in the outside world, and you felt a negative emotion in relation and because of your thinking.

When we believe that anything in the outside world creates our internal experience, then we have given our power away to external events.

The truth is that reality outside is just ‘what is’ it happens, we then have certain thoughts which create feelings in the body, these thoughts are not created by reality outside, if they were every person would have the same thoughts for the same experiences. And that doesn’t happen.

To get in touch with our deeper creative intelligence and wisdom that we were born with, we need just to stop giving attention to our thinking.

Because you only live in the feeling of your moment to moment thinking not the feeling of your circumstances.”

When we get out of the way and leave our thoughts alone, new creative thinking will come through from the more profound wisdom and universal intelligence that flows through each one of us.

Just begin to drop your thoughts and take your attention away from fast thinking, let them just be, without adding any more energy, your mind will settle eventually, and new thoughts will come.

That is when you will connect to your more in-depth knowing and trust. It is already there behind your personality and intellect, and you give attention to it, you begin to wake up…..

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