Conscious Free Living Workshops

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Health And Well-being Workshops

Hi, Marcus Here,

You’re here because you’re curious or interested in changing something or an area of your life. I can help you do just that! 

There are so many pressures in modern life that have resulted in many of us finding our attention continually being drawn to outside sources. For instance, our careers, relationships, children, social life, aspirations, and passions.

Modern life has become so demanding that we struggle to manage everything, you can imagine spinning those plates on sticks and rushing to keep everything going with any crashing to the floor.

The result is that while we need to meet and acknowledge our responsibilities as best, we can. 

The busyness of life can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed not knowing or having the skills to manage your life better and stay well.

I intend to deliver fortnightly workshops to teach people different tools that can help you manage:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Physical Pain, Worry, Panic Attack, Bad habits and many more….


The image shows typographic text saying - pain gets worse when worried walking aches joints (and many smaller words on the subject of pain) A woman screams in frustration, her hands in her hair. Here the image is used to illustrate the pain and frustration of living with anxiety and depression A woman sits alone at a table in a slumped position, pinching the bridge of her nose. This image is used to demonstrate what anxiety and depression can feel like.  A close up of a slim woman's waist is shown, with a tape measure around her abs. The image is here used to illustrate the weight loss services offered by Marcus Abrahams in Manchester


Do YOU ever think, I’ve Just had enough……….     not knowing what to do next or maybe you have tried many things to improve your life or a specific situation that needs attention.

Not sure of where to go and who to trust to assist YOU to move forward in your life. 

Would you like to learn and develop yourself in a supportive, friendly environment, that not only helps you grow and connect with your potential but accepts you as you are without judgment? 

Are YOU ready to make a change in your life and feel more relaxed, confident, assertive, reduce pain or begin to heal past trauma’s and take the steps towards being a better version of yourself?

Now is the time for YOU to join these fortnightly workshops and begin the next steps to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Why Can I Help YOU:

I came into the world of healing and personal development to change my own life in my late teens and early twenties…..

Sixteen years later after being on a journey of self-discovery, learning life lessons, evolving, and facing challenges in my life. I am now a life coach who loves to help and teach people how to move forward in their lives. 

The Workshop

Fortnightly workshop-style events using such skills: EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki Meditation, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy/NLP and Goalsetting

Each workshop will have a different theme or problem that the same skills can address and help you change. 

Working experientially with different methods to help you to Reduce Physical Pain,  Panic Attacks,  Relieve Depression,  Release Fears & Phobias, Increase Confidence & Self Esteem,  Conscious Weight-Management and many more.

The word confidence is shown in blue capital letters on a silver metallic background. The word success is shown in huge carved letters on an abstract field. 3 small figures rejoice around the base of the letters. The image illustrates how you can achieve success with Manchester based life coach Marcus Abrahams A close up of a young woman's face is shown. She has her eyes closed in quiet concentration. The image conveys the calm that can be achieved with the proper relaxation techniques

The head and shoulders of a woman are shown as she relaxes with her arms behind her head and a subtle smile playing on her lips. The image conveys the calm that can be achieved with Marcus Abrahams relaxation techniques  A relaxed man sits with his hands behind his head. In the background, a stylish contemporary office setting can be seen.  A signpost is shown against a blue sky. The words on the signpost are - create, lead, inspire, imagine, believe and visualise. The signpost illustrates the future that can be achieved of you seek help for anxiety and depression in Manchester

Finally get on the path to being the best you!

Book your place now

There are only eight places on these workshops, so spaces are limited! You need to confirm your seat by text, email or phone.
If for any reason you can’t make the session, 48 hours notice required so someone can take your place.
Hope to see YOU at one of the workshops and be a part of your personal development and journey.
If you would like more information or just a quick chat,
T.07739 970 349