Hypnotherapy Recordings

Hypnotherapy Recordings can be compelling and are an additional support alongside having private hypnotherapy sessions.  However, they can be used on their own to create change in your life. They are instrumental in informing YOUR Unconscious mind with new information that creates change . Which means you develop a greater conscious rapport with your unconscious mind to quickly and effortlessly make changes in your life.

If you want to make changes on the mental, emotional and or physical level. These recordings are for you. It may be your relationship with food, to begin an exercise programme to get back in shape. You may want to release a negative emotional pattern from the past that is not serving you. Clients have used these professional recordings to increase their confidence, create new positive behaviours, and make peace with their past. There will be a recording in this library  that will work for you.

Professional Self Hypnosis Recordings

Binaural Beat Hypnosis Recordings

Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment uses sound technology to create the ideal brain wave state for hypnosis which is the Theta brain wave state and is the brains primary state for learning. This technology has been professionally embedded to these sound tracks to enhance their effectiveness and impact to create change in your life.

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