Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing



What is Reiki Distant Healing?

At the second level of Reiki known as 2nd degree, you begin to learn advanced energetic techniques. Which means you develop the ability to send Reiki to people who are not in the same room and without touching them.  You can literally send another person Reiki energy in the next, town, state, village or even the other side of the world.

How does this energy work?

Everything in the universe is energy, the chair you’re sat on now as you read this at its fundamental level is energy. All the particles move around at a certain speed or frequency. It depends on how fast the frequency is that determines the movement and manifestation of that form of matter, in this case, a chair. You can touch and feel chair because the frequency is very slow it makes it solid.

As energy and frequency get faster, for example, Music you can’t touch it physically but you can feel it affects on you whether you like the song and it’s your vibe it or not, the energy and frequency is at a faster vibration and now you can’t touch it.

If you walk down the street on a summers day and feel the sun on your face, you can feel the warm sensation on your face and body. The blue sky  is vast, spacious and you know uplifting joyful feeling that arises in you when the sun is out. You can’t touch that energy but you can feel the effects and at this level the sunlight is a very fast frequency and vibration.

Reiki which is The Universal Life Force Energy that in within you and all around you. It’s it all the trees, plants ,animals and every human being on the planet. This energy permeates the whole cosmos or universe. At our most fundamental level we are energetic being interconnected with all the systems of life. One of them changes, it all changes.

The Method of Sending Reiki

Through using specific energetic Reiki techniques, with their intention and the intention of the person receiving the reiki energy. A Reiki practitioner can send healing energy anywhere in the world. The practitioner sets a time for you to receive the energy, whatever timezone suits the person and the reiki energy is sent at that time.

What you need to do 

The person receiving needs to set aside some time where they won’t be disturbed by any commitments for usually 20 minutes. You can play some nice relaxing music, I suggest looking on Youtube. The most important aspect is knowing what you want the Reiki energy for ? This is your intention, be specific because if your vague then the energy won’t work with your intention or what you want because you really don’t know. For example, ” to unblock my energies, what does that mean. What is the problem or issue you want the energy to support you in overcoming. Be specific, It may be to sleep better, relive some physical pain, let go of stress or to just relax and rejuvenate.

At the agreed time just lie down on a bed or sit in a relaxing chair and play your relaxing music undisturbed and have the sense that your opening to receive the energy being sent. Set your intention in your mind. and then let it go and just relax and rest. After some time you will know when the Reiki has stopped. Drink a glass of water and have a gentle walk around.


Thank you for receiving the Reiki Energy. It is a true Blessing to to give and receive.

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