Reiki Awakening The Journey

Awakening The Journey

I wonder about spiritual awakening as I’ve been on this so-called path for quite a few years now and it seems that there is lots of information out there, not to mention the thousands of different practices that are available to assist people to awaken to their true self.

In my case, I wasn’t looking for spiritual awakening, it just happened as I was only looking for a natural way to heal myself with Reiki. What happened at that time and the journey the universe has taken me on has been very profound. The mystical experiences, the dark night of the soul, its all a part of the process of moving from our heads to the heart.

Through practising Reiki consciously in my life and listening to the signs life showed me I have become more conscious of who I am. As the ego or sense of “me” what I want falls away or diminishes into the background our real nature is found as it always was, is and will be. (I’m not at that point yet, but I’ve had glimpses).

The actual path to awakening is hard work. I mean hard work for the conditioned mind/personality that believes it is going to get something called enlightenment, awakening, and freedom at some point in the future.

It is truly about letting go, letting go of all the ideas about who you think you are, of what life is about, of your expectations about yourself and others and what is right and wrong etc.

As our self-awareness shows itself more and more within us, we realise that we aren’t our thoughts, feeling and sensations. They happen to us and you, the real YOU, is aware of them, which means that you can’t be a thought a feeling or a sensation. This process opens you to a deeper inquiry into the question “who am I?”

If called to this way of living life, life will destroy everything that isn’t real within you. To the mind/personality that can be very devastating and painful as all the conditioning is broken down and seen for what it is because people are identified with thoughts and who they think they are. It is not for the faint-hearted; many are called, but only a few choose to answer.

What are you doing every day to keep in alignment with the universe, consciously?

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To our continued journey from the head to the heart in Christ consciousness.


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