Life Supported By Heaven

Supported By Heaven

Parking Ticket Angel

in 2006, I had just heard about the movie The Secret and the law of attraction. I had watched the DVD when it was released in the October and was charged with positive energy, belief and enthusiasm.

During this period of my life I had begun to change my thought patterns and behaviour which led me to move out of my mother’s house into a hostel for vulnerable adults.

At the time I was taking care of my mum and younger brother which at times was difficult and resulted in me becoming feeling depressed. There was a lot of pressure. and responsibility on me and after a while I couldn’t deal with it, and I became depressed.

By this point living in the hostel I was feeling better, taking care of myself, making new choices in life, and moving forward, I was beginning to stand up on my own two feet, for myself. The energy began to build as I became more positive and was applying the techniques from the secret.

I still supported my mum and brother, visiting frequently. but I had my own space to go back too

One day I went to the hospital for an appointment and I used my mum’s car to get there. On entry there was nowhere to park, so I just parked on the side of the pavement next to the building I was visiting. I didn’t even think about getting a parking ticket or anything.

When I came out of the building there was parking ticket on the car. I thought “SHIT! If there was a space I would have parkedin it”, so I just let it go, got in the car, and was thinking, ‘Well it’s my responsibility” and I didn’t feel pissed off, angry, or frustrated.  There was this sense of owning the decision to park there, the outcome, and my being conscious that it was my choice how I responded to the situation.

Because I could….

Be angry, pissed off or frustrated.

Responsibility if you break it down is the ability to respond to events that happen in life.

Anyway’s moving on!  I placed the parking ticket on the passenger seat and drive back to my mum’s house. I get outside the house and THINK! I don’t want my mum to know about the Parking Ticket because she will Kill me.

So, I hid it in the glove compartment and thought, I will just phone the company and pay it tomorrow, My mum doesn’t have to know!  A few days go by and I’m visiting my mum and brother, just after dinner I remember the Parking Ticket! and I thought I better get it out of the car before my brother finds it and tells me my mum.  Oh NO! that would not be good!

I open the car door and look in the glove compartment, and it’s not there. I look down the side of the car seats and guess what! it’s not there, I look under the seats and guess what it’s not there. Suddenly I thought SHIiT! He’s found it.  I go back in the house, look around, and ask my mum if my brother has brought anything in the house from the car, She said no.

You can imagine by now that I am slightly confused yet I need to find the dam Parking Ticket because if you don’t pay in 14 days they double the fine! I decide to do the honest thing and ring the car park company up and tell the Truth, ” because I am such an honest responsible guy! Not!  in this case I was choosing to be.

So, I give the lady on the phone the registration details of the car and she checks the system and ends with, “that registration isn’t on the system”. I was like WHAT!  it has to be, I know I got a parking ticket. Now You can imagine I’m starting to second guess myself and beginning to think did I get a ticket… No No I definitely got a parking ticket.

So, I decided to let it go and said to the lady on the phone, well if it’s not on the system it’s not on the system. I felt good, buzzing on one level because I didn’t have to pay the ticket, but still in a state of wonder, as I guess you are now HA!

Moving on, nearly getting to the moment of wonder!

So, I am still at my mother’s and I have just had my diner and about to go back to the hostel, It’s about 9pm and I set off home. Walking to the bus stop because I’m not using my mum’s car tonight. I mooch by the football ground in my local town, and as I walk down this dimly lit path with trees either side, I begin to wonder about the parking ticket again. Your probbly thinking, This guy does a lot of wondering. Ha!

I keep walking and my mind tries to come up with solutions and SUDDENLY I think it was the Angels in the unseen realms making the ticket disappear because I was being responsible. In that moment, SHOCK! The streetlight went on right above me as I was walking by, all the other streetlamps were on, so I knew it was a sign.  It totally confirmed to me that the universe had supported me in that situation, and it was because I took responsibility my actions.

Hope you love the story as much as I loved the experience.

The Angels and the whole universe have got you!!


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