Life,Reiki I just Thought, Then the Universe Fed me!

I just Thought, Then the Universe Fed me!

It’s 2008 mid July and I am at V festival and beginning a security job working as a steward. I recently finished my Reiki Masters Course and had been feeling very light, energised and positive.

Going to V Festival and being away from home was not challenging, but it was out of my normal routine, living at my mums. This provided an opportunity to open up energetically and be free for a few days.

One morning I was feeling really good and excited, open to the opportunities a music festival can bring, meeting new people from all different walks of life, listening to great music, and just having a really good time with all the festival goers. At festivals and events the punters want you to get involved and enjoy yourself which lifts their spirt even more, and gives them and yourself a better experience.

So I am being deployed for the day and in a group of five other security stewards, and kind of staying back a bit because I didn’t want to get a shit location or end up on a gate at the end of a long road for the 12 hour shift.

I was offered the strongbow tent and initially there was some resistance, not that I knew what it was going to be like, I had never even worked at V festival before, or the strongbow tent for that matter. Anyway, let go and said yes.

I’m situated at the back of the tent on the entrance and exit gate. I have a little chair and the event people are all there organising themselves for the day. There is free merchandise there and I pick up a head sweatband, cap and umbrella. I was now fully strongbowed up! ? chilling on my chair, nothing to do but chill with my headphones in listening to Bob Marley.

My job was just to basically check who was coming in and out of the tent and make sure no festival goers were lurking around. At this point its 10am and the festival doesn’t even ope till about 12pm.

Marcus was in for a relaxed morning!! I had my dinner tickets from the security company and would get two breaks at some point throughout the day.

Having a nosey around and to pass the time, chatting to the organisers, event managers, and bar staff preparing for their day; the amount of people it takes to organise and run a tent at a festival is astounding, Anyways, waffling on a bit here…..

So the festival is in fullbloom, the dance music in the Strongbow tent is banging and the engery is busy. My job was as i said watching, people watching, just chucking who’s meant to there and no one ever came past who wasn’t meant to be there. Event people and other security all had backstage passes to use which allowed them to travel the back stage track roads to get around the festival.

It was about five in the eveing and I was just chilling on my chair listening to my tunes off my phone. Remember I had just been attuned to Reiki Masters a couple of weeks prior and the energy in me was building. I was buzzing because I got a good location, the people around me were great! I was really enjoying little myself sat on that chair, feeling like” I’m getting paid to sit on a chair and listen to my favourite music and chair to intresting people in the wonderful mornings of a music festival. BLESSED!!!????

The next moment…. imagine, sitting there and I just think, I could do with having a break, to go and get my dinner at the security canteen, not a second later a guy that was walking past our gate, came walking up to me and handed me some sandwiches and packet of salt and vinegar crisp. (My Favourite?.

I looked at him with awe, almost speechless and said ” yes please”…. he just walked off, I was left like,” it’s like the universe or something higher than me god whatever you want to call it could hear my thoughts, and just answered! For the rest of the day I was in this wonderful state of heightened awareness feeling so greatfull and taken care off.

In our lives we develop a deep distrust in life due to the challenges that life can bring. If we just let go of the steering wheel and trust that life knows what it’s doing we can change and move through life with a sence of trust and open to the idea that we are looked after.

You are even looked after, even when you think your not, when life is throwing up the most difficult challenges, like loss of a loved one, a job, the ending of a relationship. Life works for your highest good always.

All we need to do is to learn to let go. May we all develop a deeper trusting relationship to life. Amen…..

Thank you for reading this post, may there be something in it for you ??

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