Release on a journey through time

YOU know that subtle feeling in the background of your mind and body or at other times strong and overbearing. Anxiety has it’s many forms and manifestations, It’s usually connected to worrying about the future and how something will turn out or trying to control aspects of your life from a place of fear.

It is also a very normal response to a fearful situation that a person is experiencing. It is there to protect and support you to let you know when something isn’t quite right. However, if that response is activated all the time, triggered and associated to places or people when there is no real threat then it just isn’t useful at those times and your mind is usually filled with negative scenarios and uncomfortable feelings that stop you from living your best life.

This Hypnotherapy recording can support you to make changes on a Subconscious Level and allow you to develop positive thinking  and emotional skills that support you consciously in your daily life. A person can learn to relax and let go of control; imagine how you want events to turn out rather that how you don’t. Over time you will become calm, relaxed, and anxious feelings will be replaced with your natural calmness and ease.

A journey through time uses Advanced Hypnosis and NLP Processes which can be used to release any negative feeling, emotion, or attitude that holds a person back from their potential. It has many uses depending on your situation and circumstances.