Why YOU Can’t Relax Your Mind


What does that mean? To relax your mind, have you ever noticed the brain and how it can run patterns of thought that seem to be on automatic and leave you feeling like ” I can’t switch my mind off!”.

Different stories and imagery about your life situation and everyday tasks stream through the mind. Late at night, it can even begin with the next day’s tasks, just at the moment, you’re not interested in listening to it and only when you want to fall asleep.

The mind lives on the energy of thought; there is a certain amount of momentum or power within the unconscious mind that moves like a vortex. The vortex of “thought/feeling ” comes into your awareness at any point in the day. Your attention is drawn to it because of its pull. Anything we have given our attention to in our mind will have grown from that focus and attention.

The brain can anchor specific thought and emotional patterns at particular times of the day. The problem is when you can’t give your attention to what you want when you need to, and most of all to be able to withdraw your attention from the psychic forces and movements of the mind.

The head is the conscious mind, where thinking happens, the unconscious mind is the body where everything below the threshold of conscious awareness happens. Unconscious thoughts and emotional patterns. Your memories, traumas, good and bad habits.

Every experience you have ever experienced is stored in your unconscious mind. Unprocessed emotions are stored in the tissues of the body without you being aware of it.

When you learn to relax through whatever means, the nervous system begins to get a new imprint, a new resource to use when needed. The state of relaxation calms the mind, body and emotions. When you relax, you start to heal on all levels which can begin to release any stored or repressed energies from the body and emotional level of your being.

Therapies and relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga,  and Reiki all have a relaxing effect on your being. It is essential to find time to relax and switch off, even just sitting in a room with no TV on, phone on silent, gently closing your eyes.

Would you agree, people spend so much time with their attention and awareness on the outside world of objects, such as, work TV, partying, family, children,  and shopping etc.  There is always something else to do.

Seldom do people give the same amount of time to their inner world. To explore ourselves, who we are, and what makes up the contents of our mind. To let go of the outside world and return within, our real home.

Find time for yourself this week, you deserve it. After all, it’s the inner world that supports everything in the outer world.

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  1. This is why I take time out when I go running. I leave my phone at home and just take time to enjoy the outside world and time with myself. I also try to have quiet time at home with a book in the garden. It is definitely hard to switch off after busy days though!

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