NLP Values And Life

Values And Life

In life, we share so much with others. In our families, careers, relationships, and businesses and in our daily lives, we engage in so many interactions that call for our attention.

We all have wants and desires, and sometimes they won’t be aligned with what other people want and desire for themselves or for you. We can have ideas in our mind about how a relationship should be or how our business could be running, but the reality can be very different.
Have you ever made a choice with your mind and known in your heart of hearts that it was the wrong choice? I have, and most people would admit that they have at some point or another.

A good start is to uncover and discover what you VALUE is to ask yourself questions:

What is important to me about …………? It could be relationships, work, health, money. YOU fill in the blank and write down all the reasons ………….. is important to you. Look for the VALUE words, for example,  for relationships:

(Trust, Security, Attractiveness, Security, Connection)

Write as many VALUES as you can think of for why  …………. is important to you.

Then look at each value and ask yourself why that particular value is meaningful to you. You will come up with more values, and some will be the same. However, this is an in-depth process and brings to consciousness what YOU value in a particular area of your life.

Sometimes we can put time, energy and money into ideas, relationships, businesses and yet deep down we aren’t meeting our values. People often feel unhappy and unfulfilled yet just doing this process can bring your awareness to what needs to change in your life.

As soon as you uncover your deeper values and reconnect with them, the right choice becomes apparent because you are now conscious of your values in this particular area of your life and can now make the appropriate choices to enhance your life.

Now I know that isn’t always easy, but people need a starting point to begin to shed some light on their situation. When we do this, the eliciting values process is straightforward and can bring great results.

This is an NLP  process and is very powerful. If you’re looking to change or get some clarity on any area of your life, please get in touch, I’d be happy to be of service to your greatest good.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on the subject.

God Bless

Marcus Abraham

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