Reiki Using Reiki for Anxiety

Using Reiki for Anxiety


Have you ever had anxiety, that feeling that just grips your gut with the impending fear that you’re going to die accompanied by a mental sense of dread along with palpitations and breathing craziness.

While anxiety is a natural response to anxious situations, many people feel it when there is no reason at all…

Now, I don’t have all the answers but if we can use some tools to lessen its effects we can overcome the patterns of anxiety in our lives.

The amygdala in the brain is responsible for the flight, fight or freeze response. When there are intense situations, it activates to alert you to a present danger or threat. If your  amygdala is firing all the time for no reason then you need to find a way to <strong>Change</strong> the pattern and turn it off.

To do this we use methods and techniques to connect with calm, relaxation and peace. This creates a new pattern in the brain and mind, which means that you are literally rewiring your brain and its old response to anxiety.

One very powerful way of reducing anxiety is by using Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese natural healing technique which increases your life force energy in your whole system physically, emotionally and mentally. This energy creates a sense of deep relaxation in the emotions and the body which allows the nervous system to learn a new resource and imprint the effects in your whole system.

Now, Reiki won’t cure your anxiety problems on its own because you are a living being with awareness and you have attention. So you have a choice with what you do with your attention. The more conscious attention we give to any problem, the more energy we give to it. So there is the element of choice in healing and recovering from anxiety and depression-like conditions.

What Reiki and other methods can do is help you to step back and create a space within yourself to make a new choice.

A wise teacher once told me, “<strong>a problem is like a plant, the more you feed it water the bigger it grows” when you stop feeding it, it begins to wither away and eventually disappear. </strong>Just think now, about problems you’ve had in the past that have now disappeared or aren’t a problem for you anymore.

So Reiki is like a torch that shines its light and allows us to look at what we are doing internally and externally while assisting us to feel calm and relaxed. The more you practice Reiki on yourself and look at how you’re operating, the more conscious you become of your own reactions and begin to choose how to react rather than letting your mind and body automatically dictate how you feel.

Essentially you are reconditioning your system by saying that this is how I want to feel and telling your brain to do that.

Now, this won’t happen overnight but in a short time with a bit of effort you can change your life and live without anxiety. Reiki is an essential tool for your well-being and personal development. It works on the whole of who you are, changing your vibrational state on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level, through releasing those denser energies within you such as stress, anxiety and depression, physical aches and pains, worry etc. These are all denser energies and when they are released from your auric field, you will begin to come into an aligned state of being.

Many Blessings

Marcus John Abraham

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